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Cambodian Newspaper Project: 1975 - 1979: Khmer Rouge Regime

A collection of Cambodian newspapers in the 1990s, a transition period when Cambodia emerged from a communist to a liberal democratic state. A historical collection that can tell so many stories Cambodia experienced during this transition period.

1975 – 1979: Democratic Kampuchea (DK), led by Pol Pot



Khmer Rouge led by Pol Pot declared a victory on 17 April 1975 after defeating the Khmer Republic government led by Gen. Lon Nol. It is not surprising at all that the press was almost completely silent during this evil regime. There was no private press other than those three Angkar-owned magazines and a radio station that broadcasted the communist propaganda. Those publications were mainly for the Khmer Rouge cadre only.


Some Major Events:


  • Jan, 1974 – Nov, 1978:

Yuvachun-Yuvaneary Padevath (Boys & Girls of the Revolution) was established.

  • Jan, 1975 – Sep, 1978 :

Tung Padevath (the Revolutionary Flag) was established.

  • 1975 - 1978?

Tung Krahorm (the Red Flag) was established