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Yale Archival Management Systems Committee: EAD to YFAD


  1. Export your finding aid from ArchivesSpace. Click on the Export button dropdown and then select Download EAD (keeping the default values as is).
  2. Open your EAD file(s) in oXygen XML Editor, making sure that you have the aspace-to-yfad-plus-excel.xpr project file open.
  3. Convert this file to Yale's EAD best practices for YFAD by using the 1 ASpace-to-YaleEADbpg transformation scenario.
  4. Validate your EAD file. Go to the validate dropdown in oXygen (the dropdown option to the right of the "red check" button) and select the Configure Validation Scenario(s) option. Select the YaleEADbpg-validation checkbox, and then click the Apply associated (1) button.
  5. If you have any errors to fix, address those now (and if you ever want to re-validate this file, you can do so by simply clicking on the "red check" button in oXygen).  A common error that you may encounter until all of the revision description statements in ArchivesSpace have been updated:
    • If you can't transform your finding at all, that's because ArchiveSpace didn't properly output the revision description section. To fix the broken XML, just highlight everything within your revisiondesc element in oXygen, and then right click --> Refactoring --> Surround with --> Change.  See this screenshot for a visual of the process:
  6. Rename your file with the value that's recorded in the EAD ID field (e.g. "beinecke.astronomy.xml").
  7. Upload to the YFAD staging directory as normal.