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Yale Archival Management Systems Committee: PDF Previews

PDF Preview Instructions

If you don't already have the newest oXygen project file (2018-09-26), download it here: (and use that oXygen project from now on).

You will also need to make sure that you're using oXygen version 20 or later.  If you haven't yet upgraded, now's the time.  Currently version 20.1 is available.


  1. Download the fop-preview.xconf file: (save it somewhere that you won't delete, such as your Documents directory; at the Beinecke, you can use the file that's located on the J Drive.  A note from Mark: I like to keep my oXygen project file and the fop-preview.xconf file located in the same directory, e.g. "My Documents\oXygen Projects" on Windows)
  2. Open oXygen
  3. Select Options --> Preferences... --> XML --> XSLT-FO-XQuery --> FO Processors
  4. Make sure that "Use built-in Apache FOP" is selected.  Note, you can also change the amount of memory available to your built-in FOP.  In the screenshot below, I've changed the memory to "2000", which allows 2 GB of memory to be used during the transformation process. 
  5. In the "Configuration File" section, use the directory icon to select the location on your computer where you saved the fop-preview.xconf file.



  1. Download the EAD file from ArchivesSpace, but make sure to select the "EAD3 Schema" option.
  2. Open the file that you just downloaded (usually in your Downloads directory) in oXygen
  3. With the aspace-to-yfad-plus-excel-and-foldering-v2018.xpr oXygen project file open, select "6 ArchivesSpace EAD3 to PDF (preview unpublished)" and transform the file.


If you get an error, email Mark Custer and let him know the Resource record that caused the error.