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US Government Information: Presidential Information

Featured resource for presidential information

Presidential papers - public papers and texts of speeches

Presidential papers - personal papers and correspondence

Public Law 85-147 gave the Library of Congress authority for the Presidential Papers Program, a program to preserve and make presidential papers accessible. The Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress indexed and filmed over two million manuscripts as part of this program. The indexes and microfilm reels are housed in many research libraries across the country, including Yale University.

The presidential papers collections are mainly composed of letters to and from the President. Also included are diaries, financial papers, applications for office, and other miscellaneous items. The collections are generally divided into series according to the types of papers (legal, financial, military, etc.).

The Library of Congress has begun to make the complete presidential papers available on the American Memory site. Documents include correspondence, letterbooks, diaries, journals, books, military records, reports and notes.

Beginning with Herbert Hoover, each President has a "presidential library" which contains the papers and files of the respective president as well as correspondence of the presidents and their associates.

Listed in the table below are the call numbers for the indexes/guides and location of the microfilm/paper holdings in Sterling Memorial Library.

President Index
(SML Microform Room)
Microfilm/Paper Information
Arthur, Chester Alan
Z8045 O3 U5X 1961 LC P1 Microfilm
Cleveland, Grover
Z6616 C6 +U5X 1965 LC P2 Microfilm
Coolidge, Calvin
Z6616 C78 +U5X 1965 LC P3 Microfilm
Garfield, James Abram
Z6616 G34 +U5X 1973 LC P4 Microfilm
Grant, Ulysses Simpson
Z6616 G76 +U5X 1965 LC P5 Microfilm
Harrison, Benjamin
Z6616 H28 +U5X 1964 LC P6 Microfilm
Harrison, William Henry
Z8387.97 +U5X 1960 LC P7 Microfilm
Jackson, Andrew
Z8443 +U53X 1967 LC P8 Microfilm
Jefferson, Thomas
Z6616 J4 +U5X 1976 LC P9 Microfilm
Johnson, Andrew
Z8455.567 +U5X 1963 LC P10 Microfilm
Lincoln, Abraham
Z8505 +U53X 1960 LC P11 Microfilm
McKinley, William
Z6616 M18 +U5X 1963 LC P12 Microfilm
Madison, James
Z8540 +U53X 1965 LC P13 Microfilm
Monroe, James
Z8587.8 +U5X 1963 LC P14 Microfilm
Pierce, Franklin
Z8689.9 +U5X 1962 LC P15 Microfilm
Polk, James Knox
Z6616 P595 +U5X 1969 LC P16 Microfilm
Roosevelt, Theodore
Z6616 R73 +U5X 1969 LC P17 Microfilm
Taft, William Howard
Z6616 T18 +U6X 1972 LC P18 Microfilm
Taylor, Zachary
Z8863.5 +U5X 1960 LC P19 Microfilm
Tyler, John
Z6616 T95 +U5X 1961 LC P20 Microfilm
Van Buren, Martin
Unpublished finding aid Microform
LC P21 Microfilm
Washington, George
Z8950 +U64X 1964 LC P22 Microfilm
Wilson, Woodrow
Z6616 W53 +U54X 1973 LC P23 Microfilm

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