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History of Coeducation in Yale College: Student Housing and Facilities (1968-1973)

RU8: Office of Facilities

These records consist of the project files of the Director of Facilities Construction Organization and the Yale Office of Facilities.

Boxes relevant to coeducation include:

-RU8, Accn. 1993-A-038, Box 46 (1969) Unnumbered ring binder labeled “Coeducation: Vanderbilt Construction” 

RU5: Yale University Building Project Records

The records consist of proposals, specifications, correspondence, memoranda, reports, schedules, drawings, a 16mm film, and administrative records, maintained by the Yale Office of Facilities, documenting construction and renovation projects for Yale buildings. 

Boxes relevant to coeducation include:

-RU5, Series I, Box 35, folder 1302 (1969)

Welcoming sign for the first class of women matriculating in Yale College, "Yale University Police Welcomes Guys & Dolls of 73" (Local record 3576)

RU821: Office on the Education of Women

The records of Office on the Education of Women (previously the Coeducation Office) document all aspects of Yale University's transition to undergraduate coeducation, as well as the status of women at Yale and women in academe. 

Boxes relevant to coeducation and housing include:

-RU821, Accn. 19ND-A-086, Box 19, folder 888 (1969)

-RU821, Accn. 19ND-A-086, Box 26, folders 944-947 (1969-1971)

-RU821, Accn. 19ND-A-086, Box 27 (1968-1973)

-RU821, Accn. 19ND-A-086, Box 28 (1968-1972)

-RU821, Accn. 19ND-A-086, Box 30, folder 981 (1968-1969)

-RU821, Accn. 19ND-A-086, Box 35, folders 1027 and 1028 (1968-1971)