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History of Coeducation in Yale College: Athletics and Title IX (1932-2003)

RU507: Department of Athletics, Yale University, records

The records consist of correspondence, memoranda, scrapbooks, ledgers, financial records, press releases, and annual reports documenting athletics at Yale. 

Boxes relevant to coeducation, especially to Title IX regulations, include:

-RU507, Accn. 2006-A-242, Box 2, folder 38 (1972)

-RU507, Accn. 2006-A-242, Box 11 (1932-2003)

-RU507, Accn. 2006-A-242, Box 15 (1972-1990)

RU126: Yale College Records of the Dean

These records consist of correspondence, memoranda, subject, administrative and digital files, minutes, and financial reports documenting the activities of the dean of Yale College.

Boxes relevant to coeducation and Title IX include:

-RU126, Accn. 1985-A-014, Box 20, folders 376 and 377 (1965-1980)

RU67: Lawrence M. Noble, associate secretary, Yale University, records concerning the Athletic Association

These records consist of correspondence, complaints, budget materials, and administrative records documenting committees, coaches, sports, personnel, intercollegiate athletics, investments, real estate, facilities, and legislation concerning athletics at Yale.

Boxes relevant to coeducation include:

-RU67, Accn. 1983-A-034, Box 5, folders 63, 67, 68 (1972-1977)

RU821: Office on the Education of Women

The records of Office on the Education of Women (previously the Coeducation Office) document all aspects of Yale University's transition to undergraduate coeducation, as well as the status of women at Yale and women in academe. 

Boxes relevant to coeducation, Title IX and women’s athletics include:

-RU821, Accn. 19ND-A-086, Box 24, folder 927 (1969-1971)