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Housing Options for Collections: Box Styles & Housings

Instructions and guidelines for requesting housings from Collections Conservation and Housings

Getting started

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about selecting a standard box style, or if you would like us to review the item(s) before sending a request.

When using the Book Measure software, if "DEFAULT" is selected in the Style field, we will select a box style for you that best meets your objects' needs based on the criteria below.

Standard box styles vs. Custom housings


       Standard boxes:

        Custom housings:

  • Most often made for books.
  • Items will be measured at your location by you or the CCH team.
  • Measurements are recorded using the Book Measure software.
  • Items will not need to be reviewed by or sent to CCH.
  • May be created for books or non-book items, such as globes, sculptures and works of art, and for items composed of multiple pieces.
  • Often these housings will need additional supports or modifications to better protect an item.
  • Items will need to be reviewed by the CCH team.
  • Most often these items need to be sent to CCH.

Standard box styles

Clamshell box closed






  • The most common type of box we make because they are very user friendly. 
  • These boxes are made for an item with depth/spine greater than or equal to 25 mm.
  • Typically made with E or B flute Corrugated Board


Closed portfolio   Open portfolio








  • For items measuring 24 mm or less in depth/spine.
  • 4-flap wrapper design with a tongue and groove style clasp.
  • Typically made with 20 or 40 pt. Tan Barrier Board


Closed rivet boxOpen rivet box








  • Made almost exclusively for vellum bound books.
  • Vellum is very responsive to fluctuations in temperature and relative humidity.  Covers can start to splay away from the text-block inside a clamshell and may be strong enough to open the box. The rivet and twine closures ensure that the box will remain closed.
  • These boxes work best for books that measure at least 25 mm in spine/depth. If they are less than 25 mm, we will build up the bottom with appropriately sized sheets of corrugated board to the correct depth. 
  • Typically made with E or B flute Corrugated Board


2-Piece Drop Front:
  • This box is often used for larger items as the clamshell box design would be too large to fit on a sheet of board.
  • Since they consist of a bottom and a lid fitting together, they must be stored flat.
  • We will contact you before we make these boxes to make sure flat storage can be accommodated.
  • On the Book Measure software, this box will appear as 2-PDF in the Style field.
  • Typically made with E or B flute Corrugated Board


CCH Gallery - Custom Housings

Steinberg Medal

To learn more about the Steinberg rehousing project, click here.

Javanese Shadow Puppet

Javanese Shadow Puppet

Two-piece box with magnetic straps and a soft insert bed.

Carrega glass sculpture

Ugo Carrega Glass Sculpture

Two-piece box with drop down walls and supports constructed from Volara and Ethafoam.

Shared Illusions

Shared Illusions Art Object

Two-piece drop front box with Volara-lined Ethafoam supports.