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Housing Options for Collections: Kasemake

Instructions and guidelines for requesting housings from Collections Conservation and Housings




CCH now makes many of your requested boxes, portfolios and other custom housings using the Kasemake (aka Kasey) computer aided design and digital cutting machine. Kasey consists of a large suction table which holds material in place while it is being cut and creased. An arm moves back and forth along the table, while the tool head (or carriage) moves left and right.

The tool head has 4 tools: a pen for writing unique identifying information on the housing (e.g. item barcodes, call numbers, etc.), a creasing tool for creating folds, and two cutting knives that are able to cut corrugated and tan barrier board, foams, polyester film, cloth and more.

The system includes custom software with an extensive library of designs and drawing tools that are used to create a variety of housing solutions. There is also a database where requests are upload to and selected for being created.

Kasemake machine video

Click on link below to view a video of the Kasemake machine in operation.  The video will start momentarily.