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Housing Options for Collections: Mylboards

Instructions and guidelines for requesting housings from Collections Conservation and Housings


  • "Mylboard" is a hybrid name combining the terms "Mylar" and "board."
  • A Mylboard is constructed from a Mylar L-sleeve that is mounted to a slightly larger Photomount Board with double-sided tape (see Fig. 1).
  • Mylboards are cost effective and reusable alternatives to custom-cut window mats. 
  • Mylboards are optimal for storing flat objects (e.g. photographs, paper or some textiles) that have sturdy surfaces or media that will not break, brush off, or be affected by static cling produced by the Mylar.
  • The static cling produced by the two layers of Mylar help the L-sleeve stay closed, preventing the object from sliding out.
  • The rigid support provided by the Photomount allows the object to be handled and displayed for easy and safe classroom use.
  • Mylboards can be used as a permanent storage solution for objects.
  • Mylboards can be used communally in classrooms. In this case, a variety of standard sizes have been provided to safely hold the items while in use. 


Fig. 1 - Illustration of a standard Mylboard


Handling & Storing Mylboards

Mylboards serve as an excellent housing solution for safely storing and protecting a wide range of flat objects.
There are, however, several important handling and storage practices that need to be followed to minimize risk of damage to the object. 

Handling Mylboards:

  • Refrain from removing objects from the Mylar L-sleeve unless absolutely necessary (e.g. if certain parts of the object, such as the backside, need to be accessed).
  • ​Do not use writing utensils near or on top of Mylboards or the objects they house.
  • Objects that are vulnerable to dents or indentations from surface abrasion should be treated with additional care in and out of the Mylboard.

Storing Mylboards:

  • Mylboards storing flat, similarly-sized objects may be stacked on top of one another within reason (approx. 15-20 per box) for transport or storage. If stacking is possible, Mylboards are often grouped and housed together in a box or pre-fabricated enclosure.
  • Mylboards can also be stored in flat file drawers, or in custom portfolios.

Custom Mylboards

Custom Mylboard requests can range from a custom size to any other alteration or adjustment to the standard Mylboard to better accommodate the specific needs of an object.

Custom Mylboard Example:

  • Medical Library's Crummer Anatomical Fugitive Sheet 
    • This object contains a flap anatomy which enables the viewer to carefully lift multiple flaps that illustrate the anatomical layers of the abdomen.
    • It's Mylboard was customized to include a Mylar window in the L-sleeve around the flap anatomy section.
    • The Mylar window can be pulled back to access the flap anatomy section, thus minimizing the number of times the object needs to be removed from the L-sleeve.
    • See gallery to learn more about this design.

Custom Mylboards

Crummer Anatomical Sheet Mylboard

Custom Mylboard with a Mylar window cut-out to access the anatomical flap section.

Crummer Anatomical Sheet Mylboard Design

(Green box) - Mylar window cut-out around the flap anatomy section.

(Large red box) - Mylar window flap edge-sealed just to the right of the cut-out. 


(Small red box) - tongue-and-groove locking mechanism to keep the window flap in place while the object is not in use. 



Mylboard Window in Use

Flap Anatomy in Use

Custom portfolio for Mylboard

Custom portfolio for Mylboard

Custom portfolios were made for each Mylboard, which were then placed in a custom clamshell box.