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Chemistry: Find Spectra

A guide to resources and services in chemistry.

Find Spectra

SciFinder Scholar
Explore substances to locate spectra from the chemical literature.

Reaxys includes combined data the Beilstein Database, the Gmelin Database, and the Patent Chemistry Database.

Spectral Database System for Organic Compounds (SDBS)
SDBS is an integrated spectral database system for organic compounds,which includes six different types of spectra under a directory of the compounds.

Science and technology data resources available from the National Institute of Standards and Technology:

Atomic Spectra Database
Spectroscopic data can be selected and displayed according to wavelengths or energy levels
Chemistry WebBook
Provides thermochemical, thermophysical, and ion energetics data.
Diatomic Spectral Database
Critical reviews on the microwave spectra of molecules.
Handbook of Basic Atomic Spectroscopy
Provides a selection of the most important and frequently used atomic spectroscopic data.
Hydrocarbon Spectral Database
Tabulated rotational spectral lines for hydrocarbon molecules.
Triatomic Spectral Database
Tabulated rotational spectral lines for triatomic molecules.
X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Database
Contains line positions, chemical shifts, doublet splittings, and energy separations of photoelectron and Auger-electron lines.

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