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South Asia: Manuscripts and Archives: Ellsworth Huntington

This is a brief overview of selected collections in Yale's Manuscripts and Archives (located within Sterling Memorial Library) that have South Asia content.

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Huntington Image

Series X. BOX 1, FOLDER 8: "Huntington fragment, styled J."  Ellsworth Huntington Papers (MS 1). Manuscripts and Archives, Yale University Library.

About the Huntington Collection

Excerpted from Ellsworth Huntington Papers (MS 1) Finding Aid:

Ellsworth Huntington was a geographer, a professor of Geology-Geography at Yale University, and an author. Huntington was a proponent of the controversial theory that emphasized the dominant influence of climate and eugenics on the character of civilizations.

The papers consist of correspondence, writings, notes and notebooks, clippings, printed matter, which relate to Ellsworth Huntington's professional career and his activities for a number of professional organizations with which he was associated. The papers also include notebooks covering his numerous field trips and ancient artifacts collected by Huntington in Chinese Turkestan. Correspondents of note include Arnold Toynbee, Ernst Antevs, Henry Adams, James Breasted, Frederick Jackson Turner, Margaret Sanger, Henry Fairchild, James Rowland Angell, and Henry Seidel Canby.

Series XV (Artifacts) contains artifacts collected by Ellsworth Huntington in 1905 in Chinese Turkestan. Identification codes are those used at the time the materials were given to Yale University. Additional identifications are also given, some referring to illustrations in The Pulse of Asia.

This collection has been partially digitized.

Huntington Collection - Highlights

SERIES XV, BOX 1, FOLDER 8: Sanskrit fragment F

SERIES XV, BOX 1, FOLDER 8: Khotanese fragment I

SERIES XV, BOX 6:  Manuscript fragment on paper in North-arian, K (in book illustration K on p. 206)

SERIES XV, BOX 3: Includes Tibetan, Khotanese, and Khorosthi manuscript fragments on wood; a wooden key; wooden comb; stone head of a Buddha [found at Khadaluck, east of Khotan in 1905]; and a perforated piece of leather tied with a string, Derevzeh Dung.

SERIES XII, BOX 4: Expedition prints from India, Tibet, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Persia.

SERIES XII, BOX 4: Expedition prints from India, Tibet, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Persia.

SERIES XII, BOX 4: Expedition prints from India, Tibet, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Persia.

SERIES i, BOX 1, Folder 1: Passports.

SERIES XV, BOX 4: Miniature monkey statuette from ancient Dumuka. 

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