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South Asia: Manuscripts and Archives: William Dwight Whitney

This is a brief overview of selected collections in Yale's Manuscripts and Archives (located within Sterling Memorial Library) that have South Asia content.

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BOX 49: Bound manuscript, "Portion of the Bhágwat Geetá" (no date). Dwight Whitney (MS 555). Manuscripts and Archives, Yale University Library.

About the Whitney Collection

Excerpted from William Dwight Whitney (MS 555) Finding Aid:

William Dwight Whitney, Sanskritist and linguist began his teaching career at Yale in 1854 where he later organized and became the head of the modern language department of the Sheffield Scientific School. Among the numerous positions of honor which he held were the presidency of the American Oriental Society, foreign Knight of the Royal Prussian Order pour is mérite (succeeding Thomas Carlyle), and first president of the American Philological Association. (Extensive correspondence deals with all of the above.)

Nationally and internationally, Whitney gained prominence as Editor of the Century Dictionary, a position which made him the undisputed authority on the forth and usage of the English language in America. A prolonged and often heated dispute with Friedrich Max Müller of Oxford University over the origin and development of language earned for him the title of the champion of American scholarship here and in Europe. This verbal battle which is completely described in the collection was closely followed by the press with the result that Müller gained popular sympathy while Whitney was supported by many scientific scholars including Charles Darwin.

This collection has not been digitized.

Whitney Collection - Highlights

BOX 55, Folder "Miscellaneous, 1851-1897". Reproduction of Sinhala ola manuscript.

BOX 49: Bound manuscript, "Portion of the Bhágwat Geetá"

BOX 55, Folder 74: Tickets of admission to lectures

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