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Japanese Reference Materials for Studying Japanese Cinema at Yale University: Filmographies


Filmographies can provide basic filmographic information such as title, dates, cast, staff, length, and plot summary, although not every work provides all this data. Those on foreign films can help with getting the original title from the Japanese, or vice versa. The Kinema Junpō works are best in that they also index the introduction (shōkai) published in the Kinema junpō magazine; taken together, these are the most comprehensive filmographies for Japanese cinema. The Kagaku Shoin books are the easiest to use, but don’t contain the information Kinema junpō does. Firumu sentā and Āto shiatā are less dictionaries than periodically published catalogs introducing what was being shown at the National Film Center and at ATG, but the former are some of the best researched filmographies and the latter usually includes the script and critical introductions. The two Ken’etsu jiho collections (one covering 1925 to 1939, the other 1939 to 1944) are invaluable records of not just what got censored in a film but also basic data about film length and number of prints.

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