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Innovation & Entrepreneurship Research: Home


Research is an important activity for any business plan or startup. 

This guide features resources made available by Yale University Library that students can use to learn about industries, research competitors,and understand markets. 

Using Library Resources

Researchers are responsible for ensuring that their use complies with the publishers' license agreements with Yale University.  

Please refer to our policies on E-Resources Access and Use for more information. 

To access library licensed resources use the Yale Secure wifi connection while on-campus. 
Off Campus? Use VPN to access library resources.

Library Workshop

New titles on innovation and entrepreneurship at Yale Library

Search for other titles available Yale University Library in Orbis.  

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Librarians That Can Help

Erin Wachowicz
Librarian for Business and Management
Marx Science and Social Science Library

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Kate Nyhan
Research and Education Librarian
Cushing /Whitney Medical Library

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Miriam Olivares
GIS Librarian
Marx Science and Social Science Library

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Andy Shimp
Librarian for Engineering & Applied Science, Chemistry and Mathematics

Marx Science and Social Science Library

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