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Lewis Walpole Library Fellows' Guide: Home

Information about Visiting Fellowships and Travel Grants at the Lewis Walpole Library

Fellows' Guide

This guide is intended to provide useful information for scholars taking up a 4-week Fellowship or 2-week Travel Grant at the Lewis Walpole Library (LWL). For this guide, all Fellows and Travel Grants will be referred to as Visiting Scholars. As a Visiting Scholar recipient at the LWL, you will have the opportunity to spend an extended period immersed in the world of Britain in the long eighteenth-century at "Yale in Farmington." The Library's unique setting, on a fourteen-acre campus situated on scenic Main Street in the historic district of the beautiful town of Farmington, Connecticut, and removed from the main university campus by some 41 miles (approximately 66 kilometers), provides space and resources for focused study in peaceful surroundings. Founded and bequeathed to Yale by Wilmarth Sheldon Lewis and his wife Annie Burr Lewis, the Lewis Walpole Library is part of the Yale University Library with rich collections of primary and secondary sources that are continually added to and made discoverable and useable by LWL staff. 

This guide is designed to aid you throughout your visit from the time you accept your award through your departure from the Library. 

IMPORTANT Lewis Walpole Library Fellowship update - May 2023

As of May 15, 2023, the University “strongly encourages” but does not require all visitor to be up to date on COVID-19 vaccines. Visitors are responsible for reviewing and complying with all current visitor requirements before visiting campus. 

Yale Library special collections reading rooms are open to non-Yale researchers who comply with Yale’s visitor policies.  Researchers must register in the Yale Library special collections system prior to visiting reading rooms. 

Plan your visit

Library hours and access may shift without notice in response to weather, changing pandemic circumstances, or University guidance. Always check hours on the library website and the latest visitor policies before coming to campus. (Yale Library hours listed in Google are not always accurate, especially in cases of inclement weather, holidays, or other unusual circumstances.)

Today's Lewis Walpole Library Hours

Lewis Walpole Library Home Page

The Lewis Walpole Library

Lewis Walpole Library from Main Street in autumn

The Lewis Walpole Library



front door of the Lewis Walpole Library

Front Entrance of the Library



Reading Room

Reading Room



People seated in the New Library with a  Fellow speaking to a powerpoint presentation

The "New Library"

(coffee at 10:30 am on Fridays)



The staff of the Lewis Walpole Library look forward to your visit to the library. We are here to assist you and help you find and use collection materials at the library to enable you to get the most out of your stay possible. Please do not hesitate to ask us questions and let us know how we can help you. 

Who we are

You will have the opportunity to meet all of the Lewis Walpole Library staff, but here are some of the members with whom you will interact most often, most of whom have collections expertise:


Headshot portrait of Nicole Bouché

Nicole Bouché

W.S. Lewis Librarian and Executive Director
(860) 677-2140  ext. 222


headshot of woman with grey and brown wavy hair, wearing a black shirt with pink cardigan

Susan Walker

Head of Public Services
(860) 677-2140 

 headshot portrait of Kristen McDonald

Kristen McDonald

Library Assistant, Public Services
(860) 677-2140  ext 240/249

Scott Poglitsch

Catalog Assistant
(860) 677-2140  ext 246 

Colleen Collins

Catalog Assistant
(860) 677-2140  ext 225


Michelle Priveé

Senior Administrative Assistant 

(860) 677-2140  ext 234

Tom Charette

Manager, Building Operations & Facilities
(860) 752-7502

Cynthia Roman, Curator of Prints, Drawings, and Paintings

Cynthia Roman

Curator of Prints, Drawings, and Paintings 

(860) 677-2140

portrait of Ellen Cordes leaning against card catalog drawers

Ellen Cordes

Head of Technical Services 

(860) 677-2140  ext 236

Jason Lomnicky

Jason Lomnicky

Building Operations Assistant 

(860) 677-2140  ext 230

For a full list of Lewis Walpole Library Staff and contact information click or tap here


Award recipients


Fellowships: Fellowships:
Hillary Burlock Zoe Beenstock
Katherine Charles Tanya Caldwell
Mita Choudhury Jennifer Factor
Daniel Froid Stephanie Howard-Smith
Monica Hahn Nicole Esmer Marcel
Sarah Hancock Joanna Marschner
Yuko Ito Allison Muri
Emrys Jones Eric Parisot
Ziona Kocher Nicola Parsons
Thomas Leonard-Roy Anna Roberts
John Munns Hillary Taylor
Giorgina Paiella Lilith Todd
Robert Phiddian Travel Grants:
Matthew Potter Richard Ansell
Edwin Rose Dominic Bate
Tess Somervell Gregory Brown
Alexis Wolf Alexander David Clayton
Travel Grants: David Cowan
Tymon Adamczewski Marie Ferron-Desautels
Carmen Casaliggi Marlis Schweitzer
Daniel Cook Jane Wessel
Laura Engel Jarred Wiehe
Kaitlin Pontzer