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Lewis Walpole Library Fellows' Guide: Visiting Scholars' Follow-up

Information about Visiting Fellowships and Travel Grants at the Lewis Walpole Library

Au Revoir and Keep in Touch!

We hope your research visit to the Lewis Walpole Library was fruitful. You are welcome to return.

If you would like to stay at the Timothy Root House for a future research visit, please let us know. We can offer a room for use for up to a week, during the time spent working at the Library in Farmington, on a space available basis. You will need to make other arrangements for accommodations for time spent using the collections in New Haven.

Help us spread the word about the Library and the Visiting Scholar opportunities--tell your colleagues about us. 

Should your contact information change, email us at 

Please keep in touch!

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Follow-up to Visiting Scholars


As a Fellowship award recipient, you are expected to write a brief report of two to three pages outlining how you used the collection and what materials you found most helpful.  Please turn the report in at the end of your residency before you leave or send it shortly thereafter by email to, mail to the address below, or fax to 860-677-6369. 

Scholars' Progress Blog Post

Write a blog post for our Scholars' Progress blog. It can be on an interesting discovery or new connections you've made, a particular item or items that made an impact on you, an area of research that perhaps the library isn't known for, or anything that you encountered in the collections that really spoke to you during your Fellowship. Posts should be fairly informal, and about 1000-1500 words in length. 


Please take the time to fill out our online survey. Your responses, which will remain anonymous, will help us improve our future Visiting Scholar experiences. The survey should take between five and fifteen minutes to complete. Please click or tap on the following link. Thank you! 

Lewis Walpole Library Fellowship Survey


Reimbursement of per diem and any out-of-pocket travel expenses will be sent to you upon completion of your residency. You may email your travel receipts for your reimbursable expenses to the Senior Administrative Assistant, Michelle Privée:

Leaving the LWL

When leaving the LWL, please drop your Root House room key in the drop box that is located by the Visting Scholars entrance doorway.

Reference Questions and Photo Orders

Information about photo orders.

For questions about collection materials or for photo duplication requests please contact Susan Odell Walker ( 860-677-2140 ext 235) or Kristen McDonald ( 860-677-2140 ext 224). 


We request that you notify us of any publication resulting from your work at the Library.

Future Engagement with the Library

We welcome opportunities to collaborate on future programming. If you have any ideas for a workshop, seminar, study day, exhibition, etc., at the Lewis Walpole Library, please let us know.