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Yale Officers: Engineering


For more information, please visit the School of Engineering and Applied Science home page.




Robert Ernest Doherty (1932 - 1936)

Samuel William Dudley (1936 - 1948)

Walter Jacob Wohlenberg (1948 - 1955)

Dana Young (1955 - 1960)

Barnett Fred Dodge (1960 - 1962)

Felix Zweig (1962 - 1966)

D. Allan Bromley (1994-2000)

Paul A. Fleury (2000-2007)

T. Kyle Vanderlick (2008-2017)

Mitchell Smooke (2018-Present), Acting

Deputy Dean

Deputy Dean

Bruce F. Carmichael (2009 - 2010)

Vincent Wilczynski (2010 - Present)



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