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Yale Officers: Grace Hopper College


For collections pertaining to Grace Hopper College, please visit Archives at Yale and search for "Grace Hopper College".

Grace Hopper College, formerly Calhoun College, was established in February, 2017. For more information, please visit the Grace Hopper College home page.

Head of College

Prior to 2016 the chief administrative officer of each of Yale's undergraduate residential colleges was given the honorific title Master, derived from the Latin magister and in common usage in the residential colleges of Oxford and Cambridge Universities. In 2016 the Yale Corporation voted to replace that honorific title with Head of College.


Julia Adams (2014 - Present) Former Head of College of Calhoun College


The dean serves as the chief academic officer in Yale's undergraduate residential college system.


April Ruiz (2013 - 2018) Former Dean of Calhoun College

David Francis (2018 - Present)