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Southeast Asia Collection: Maurice Durand Collection

An introduction Yale's resources on Southeast Asia.

Maurice Durand Collection in Manuscripts and Archives

This archival collection is housed in Manuscripts and Archives Department of Sterling Memorial Library and is accessible to all researchers that have registered with Manuscripts and Archives to use their collecctions. Maurice Durand was a well-known early 20th century scholar of Hán and Nôm, publishing many works about this early form of writing Vietnamese. The Maurice Durand Collection consists of hand-written copies of Hán Nôm literature, poetry and historical texts. The collection also contains original woodblock texts in Hán and Nôm, Durand's publications, transliterations, photographs, research notes and microfilm created and assembled into a collection by Maurice Durand during his academic and administrative career at the Ecole française d'Extrême-Orient office in Hanoi. The material relates to Asia, primarily Vietnam, in the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries. Much of Durand's own research notes concern Vietnamese literature and Vietnamese and Indochinese linguistics.