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Ethnicity, Race, and Migration Resources: Governments, IGOs, Think Tanks &NGOs

This guide highlights print and electronic resources relevant to the Ethnicity, Race, and Migration Program, plus information about Yale University Library's collections and services.

Think tanks

Track legislation, regulations, and more

These resources provide quick, easy access to federal and/or state legislative information, and encourage users to keep up with politics and policy through convenient tracking tools.

Best Bets

Additional State Tracking 

IGO search engine

Use the Intergovernmental Organization Search Engine (a Google custom search) to search across hundreds of IGO websites:

Relevant IGOs

Government & IGO information at Yale

Yale University Library is a depository for documents from the United States (federal government), Canada (federal government), the United Nations, the European Union, and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). The guides below feature in-depth information about these collections, and how to find these documents in a variety of formats.

Quick links for government and IGO information

These are some of the top resources for information from governments and IGOs. Click on the for more information about each database. For additional recommendations, consult the guides linked above.

General suggestions for finding government information

1. Try the "agency approach." Who produces the information you need? How is this information organized and disseminated? If you can answer these questions, you can create a much more targeted, focused search.

2. Google like a pro. To limit your Google search to government websites, use the very powerful "site:" search. You can search all .gov websites (site:gov) or narrow your search to a particular agency's website (

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