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Finding Lewis Walpole Library Collection Material: DIGITAL COLLECTIONS

Providing guidance on using various discovery tools to find collection material at the Lewis Walpole Library


screenshot of digital collections homepage


DIGITAL COLLECTIONS Yale Library’s digital collections provide online access to millions of works, images, and audiovisual materials. Image and text-based digital collections are currently represented online primarily in two systems, Digital Collections (the recently developed interface) and FindIt.(the interface that Digital Collections has replaced). Lewis Walpole Library collections can be found in both; however, not all recent Lewis Walpole Library content has been uploaded. 

To request an item for use in the Lewis Walpole Library Reading Room from within the Digital Collections record, scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen and click on the link next to Orbis Record in the section labeled Identifier. This will take you directly to the Orbis record where you can then place the request by clicking on the link labeled Request for Use in the Lewis Walpole Library.

Bookmarks--Saving selected search results

To save links to selected images from a search in the Digital Collection, use the Bookmark feature:

  • Click the little box next to the word Bookmark for each image you want to save and retrieve later.
  • At the top of the page, on the blue menu bar, click on the link for “Login” (with a padlock next to it).
  • Login to your Yale Library account under either "Login with NetID" or “Login without NetID” (a NetID is only assigned to members of the Yale community).
  • If you do not have a NetID and have not yet set up a Yale Library account, click the little hyperlinked text below the login box that says “create an account.”
  • Once you’ve created an account and confirmed it through your email, you can go back and login.
  • When you’ve logged in, you’ll see a link in the blue menu bar at the top of the page that says “Bookmarks” with a kind of circular arrow.
  • Click on that, and you’ll find your list of bookmarked images with links back to the record in the Digital Collection.

What it is

Search for caricatures, satires, portraits, topographical views, other prints and drawings, is well as selected printed texts, ephemera, and manuscripts. among the digitized images, archival documents, and other materials in the Yale University Library's primary Digital Collections repository. Use this search interface to view all available images of items from the Lewis Walpole Library's collections. Links in Orbis/Quicksearch catalog records also point to images in this repository.


Searchable fields

The following fields are searchable in Digital Collections advanced search

All Fields
Search words about the items
Call Number
Digitization Note
Full Text
Search words within the items
Search full text that occurs in a work. Not all works contain searchable full text.
OID [Parent/primary]
OID [Child/images]

please note that some of these fields may not be used for LWL records. 

Refining Your Search -- Repository:.Lewis Walpole Library

Click on Repository from list of limits on the left-hand side

Select Lewis Walpole Library

Limit your search - Repository - Lewis Walpole Library