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Finding Lewis Walpole Library Collection Material: QUICKSEARCH

Providing guidance on using various discovery tools to find collection material at the Lewis Walpole Library


Read the information in the Help pages to learn how to construct effective searches in Quicksearch. 


Quicksearch is faceted, so, unlike Orbis, in Quicksearch you can set your limits before or after you conduct the search

Advanced Search in Quicksearch--Books+ enables more structured searching and pre-search limits for location, format, date, etc. 

Click on or tap Books+ to search books, bound manuscripts, visual materials, and other printed works.

Identifying Published Material at the LWL Not Held Elsewhere

While we cannot point to a comprehensive way to ascertain whether a text published during the eighteenth century at the LWL is not held elsewhere and thus not digitized in a major database like ECCO, we can say that searching on the phrase "not in ESTC" will get a many of the published texts uniquely held here.

In addition, extra-illustrated volumes, texts with annotations, manuscripts, and drawings are all considered unique. 

What it is

Quicksearch performs a combined search of:

  • Books+ (books, journals, online resources, videos, and more)
  • Articles+ (journal articles, e-books, dissertations, and more)
  • Digital Collections (digitized images, archival documents, and more)
  • Databases (find databases that include journal and e-book collections; primary sources such as archives and personal papers; government documents and statistics; image, sound and video collections;abstracts and Indexing services)

Quicksearch unites several search services under one discovery interface. 

The services initially targeted for this discovery interface include:

  • the main Library catalog (Orbis), where you will find books and other material held in the Yale University Library. This section is called Books+.
  • the Law Library catalog (Morris), where you will find books and other material held in the Yale Lillian goldman Law Library (also in Books+).
  • licensed e-resources, where you will find journal articles, newspaper articles, dissertations and other material (in Articles+).

Quicksearch will eventually include search results from other sources, including the library web site.

See the Quicksearch documentation site ( for more information on searching- plus a few introductory videos!

Limiting to location and format

In Quicksearch Books+ Advanced Search, highlight Location of collection (Lewis Walpole Library) before ​you enter search terms. You can also set limits by Format to select Books, Archives and Manuscripts, Images, etc. and Date(s).

Books+ Advanced limiting to location


Search in Books+, then refine after you search to limit to Location: Lewis Walpole Library. You can also then limit to Format: Images, Books, Manuscripts, or whatever you need. Click or tap on the + signs after other facets to see further options for limiting your search.