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Yale and Slavery: U.B. Phillips

Bibliographic list of source materials on Yale and slavery.

U.B. Phillips

Ulrich Bonnell (U.B.) Phillips was a professor in the History Department at Yale University from 1929-1934. Phillips was one of the most influential scholars of his time and one of the most influential in developing "slavery' as a field of study.  Phillips' research took him into the American south to research plantation records and other manuscript sources for his 1914 book "A Jamaica Slave Plantation", considered one of the greatest works on the economic history of the Antebellum south.  The articles in this section, published between 1919-1987, include Phillips' own work but largely discuss Phillips' works and the impact of his writings on 20th century historical scholarship.  

Archival sources

Ulrich Bonnell Phillips Papers (MS 397). Manuscripts and Archives, Yale University Library.

Source materials

"The Central Theme of Southern History" by U.B. Phillips (journal article)

"The Historiographic Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of Ulrich Bonnell Phillips" by John David Smith (journal article)

"The Historian and Southern Slavery" by Kenneth M. Stampp (journal article)

"Reconsidering UB Phillips" by Kenneth M. Stampp (journal article)

"U.B. Phillips and the Plantation Legend" by Richard Hofstadter (journal article)

"U.B. Phillips' Use of Sources" by Reuben F. Kugler (journal article)

Review of U.B. Phillips' "American Negro Slavery: A Survey of Supply, Employment, and Control of Labor as Determined by the Plantation Regime" by W.B Munro (book review)

Review of "U.B. Phillips: Biography and Scholarship" by Darden Ashbury Pyron (book review)

"Negro Life and History in Our Schools" by Carter G. Woodson (journal article)

Review of U.B. Phillips' "American Negro Slavery" by C.G. Woodson (book review)