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Yale and Slavery: Additional Resources on Yale and Slavery

Bibliographic list of source materials on Yale and slavery.

Additional Resources on Yale and Slavery

Researchers may use any of the discovery tools below to learn more about Yale's involvement in slavery.  Some databases and subject guides are from other institutions and may change over time.   The section on Medicine and Slavery at Yale currently covered topics related to Eugenics.  Principally, the records of Yale faculty who specialized in Eugenics and secondary sources of articles and academic research on Eugenics. 

Medicine and Slavery at Yale

Primary Sources

Ellsworth Huntington papers (MS 1)

Robert Means Yerkes papers (MS 569)

Irving Fisher papers (MS 212)

Milton Charles Winternitz papers (MS 859)

"Selective Sterilization for Race Culture" by Theodore Russell Robie (1932)

Secondary Sources

"Rethinking Mental Retardation: Education and Eugenics in Connecticut, 1818-1917" by Lawrence B. Goodheart (journal article)

"Eugenics from the New Deal to the Great Society: Genetics, Demography and Population Quality" by Edmund Ramsden (journal article)

"The Science of Human Perfection: How Genes Became the Heart of American Medicine" by Nathaniel C. Comfort (Chapter 2 covers Dr. Irving Fisher and Yale's role in Human Eugenics)

"In the Name of Eugenics: Genetics and the Study of Human Heredity" by Daniel J. Kevles

"Milton C. Winternitz and the Yale Institute of Human Relations: a Brief Chapter in the History of Social Medicine" by A.J. Viseltear (journal article)

"Cross Era Dark Secrets Resurfaces" (New Haven Independent 2014)