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Yale and Slavery: 19th Century Sources

Bibliographic list of source materials on Yale and slavery.

19th Century Sources

The aim and scope of 19th century research has been to cover the entire century's history surrounding slavery and abolition at Yale.  However, much of the research to date has been focused around four important topics: the proposed creation in 1831 for a College for Colored Youth in New Haven; Yale's relationship to the Amistad captives; the politics of slavery at Yale in the 1840s and 1840s; and the construction of Yale's Civil War Memorial beginning in the summer of 1865 (ultimately completed in 1916).  Researchers will find many digitized copies of letters, articles, pamphlets and other original documentation from this period. 

Primary Sources

John Pitkin Norton Papers (MS 367)

"An Act to Prevent Slavery" (1821)

"Seventh Annual Report of the American Society for Colonizing the Free People of Color of the United States" (1824)

"College for Colored Youth: An Account" (1831)

"Letter from Simeon Smith Jocelyn, New Haven [Connecticut] to William Lloyd Garrison" (1831 May)

"Letter from Simeon Smith Jocelyn, New Haven [Connecticut] to William Lloyd Garrison" (1831 September)

"Minutes and Proceedings of the First Annual Convention of the People of Colour" (1831)

"Minutes and Proceedings of the Second Annual Convention for the Improvement of the Free People of Colour" (1832)

"Remarks on the Colony of Liberia and the American Colonization Society" (1832)

"Appeal to the American Colonization Society" (1833)

"The Black Law of Connecticut" (1833)

"Review of pamphlets on slavery and colonization: first published in the Quarterly Christian Spectator" by Leonard Bacon (1833)

"Sixth Annual Report of the Managers of the Colonization Society of Connecticut" (1833)

"A Discourse on the slavery question" by Horace Bushnell (1839)

"A History of the Amistad Captives" by John W. Barber (1840)

"Slavery in Connecticut - Sixth Census" (1841)

"Slavery Discussed in Occasional Essays" (1846)

"Address delivered at the celebration of the West India Emancipation" (1847)

"Speech of Mr. John A. Rockwell, of Connecticut, in relation to slavery in the territories: delivered in the House of Representatives" (1849)

"Annual Report of the American and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society" (1849 and 1851)

"Church Anti-Slavery Society: Proceedings of the Convention which met at Worchester, Mass" (1859)

"Speech of Orris S. Ferry of Connecticut to the House of Representatives" (1860)

"Slavery in the United States of America: its national recognition and relations, from the establishment of the confederacy, to the present time : A word to the North and the South" by Henry Sherman (1860)

"Life of Benjamin Silliman" by George P. Fisher (1866)

"Law School of Yale College" by Simeon E. Baldwin (1879)

"Life of Amos A. Lawrence" by William Lawrence (1888)

"History of Slavery in Connecticut" by Bernard C. Steiner (1890)

Secondary Sources

"Education's Inequality: Opposition to Black Higher Education in Antebellum Connecticut" by Hilary J. Moss (journal article)

"Black New Haven Residents during the Nineteenth Century: Resources Located in the Whitney Library, New Haven Museum and Historical Society" by Harvey M. Feinberg (journal article)

"Simeon Jocelyn, New Haven Reformer" by Mary Beth McQueeney (Journal of the New Haven Colony Historical Society vol.19(3) 1970)

"The New Haven Negro College and the Meanings of Race in New England, 1776-1870" by James Brewer Stewart (journal article)

"A Deferred Dream: The Proposal for a Negro College in New Haven, 1831" by Robert A. Gibson (Journal of the New Haven Colony Historical Society vol.37(2) 1993)

"Emancipation: The Making of the Black Lawyer, 1844-1944" by J. Clay Smith, Jr.

"Jackson v. Bulloch and the End of Slavery in Connecticut" by Andy Piascik (online article)

"Yale Confederates Biographical Dictionary" by Nathaniel Cheairs Hughes 

"Yale College in the Civil War" by James M. Hoppin (book chapter - begins on page 55)

"Yale in the Civil War" by Ellsworth Eliot, Jr.

"African American Connecticut Explored" by Elizabeth J. Normen, et al. (book chapter on 1831 black college in New Haven)

"The life of Richard Henry Green" by Judith A. Schiff (Yale Alumni Magazine article)

"Before Green and Bouchet, another African American Yale College grad.  Maybe." by Mark Alden Branch (Yale Alumni Magazine article) 

"Two months in the Civil War" by Judith A. Schiff (Yale Alumni Magazine article)

"Abraham Lincoln spoke here" by Judith A. Schiff (Yale Alumni Magazine article)

"Pioneers" by Judith A. Schiff (Yale Alumni Magazine article on James Pennington)