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Film Studies Research Guide: Filmmaking, Producing, etc.

A guide to conducting research in Film Studies at Yale University, including key resources and crucial search strategies.

Filmmaking, Producing, and Other Parts of the Filmmaking Process

What's Here

This page concerns the process of making films -- producing, directing, editing, and so forth -- both as a subject for scholarship and as information for students interested in making films themselves.  It includes subject headings for TV and digital media as well.


Below you find explanations of how to find books on filmmaking, and selected websites for filmmakers.


The topics covered on this page may overlap with some other pages in this subject guide:




New books on filmmaking appear constantly, in part because film technology and the movie business are ever-changing.  For the most recent works, search for the following subject headings in Orbis (the links will open a window or tab and conduct the Orbis search):

To easily see the most recent titles, use the dropdown box above your search results in order to sort them by "Publishing Date Descending."  That puts the newest works at the top.




Information on Fair Use in Documentaries and Online Video


The Center for Social Media has worked groups to develop codes of best practices in fair use for:

and also for various other activities, such as teaching.  See the Copyright and Fair Use page for more infomation.


Selected Websites


From the Crawford Collection, Yale University Library Manuscripts and Archives.

Experimental Television Center

The Experimental Television Center supports the creation of new work using electronic media technologies through residencies which provide space and time to artists for personal, self-directed creative work, along with funding and other administrative support.

Online filmmaking portal to a variety of resources. Includes quicklinks to articles, dictionaries, directories, tutorials, filmmaking periodicals, interviews, and schools and universities. Also has links to general resources on film theory, studios, news & media.

Independent Feature Project (IFP)

Provides directories and resources for the independent film and audiovisual professional.


Online resource for independent filmmakers.

Online site for MovieMaker magazine, "the art and business of making movies." Includes helpful production links, articles, and more.

Women Make Movies

The largest distributor of women's media in North America. Includes links to other sites on women in film and video.

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