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Film Studies Research Guide: Bibliographies & Filmographies

A guide to conducting research in Film Studies at Yale University, including key resources and crucial search strategies.

Bibliographies & Filmographies

What's Here


Bibliographies and filmographies are lists that strive to be comprehensive or even exhaustive.  They can save you an enormous amount of research time -- someone else has already done much of the "gathering work" for you.

  • Bibliographies list books, articles and often online resources about a particular topic, such as a film genre, director, portrayals of some social group, movies from a particular country. They typically categorize or annotate the entries. 
  • Filmographies list films on a topic, but usually not secondary sources about those films (or only list selected secondary works).
  • Some bibliographies also provide a filmography, either explicitly or implicitly.

A bibliography or filmography can help you quickly identify what's most relevant for your own research.

How to Find Bibliographies and Filmographies

The quickest way to find a bibliography or filmography is to find a bibliography of bibliographies! That way you can page through to find the titles that will help you the most.  

Bibliographies can be located in Orbis by using the following types of Subject searches:

Filmographies can be somewhat harder to locate. Some are given the subject heading "Catalogs," for example:

However, some filmographies are part of a book, not the whole book. So it's a good idea to try Keyword searches like these:

Be aware that Keyword searches are a bit hit or miss, since they might not find some resources and they may produce some irrelevant results.  But they are always worth a try.


General and Multi-Type (selected)


Cinema and Media Studies: Oxford Bibliographies

Film: an international bibliography

Film and television: a guide to the reference literature. Mark Emmons. Westport, Conn.: Libraries Unlimited, 2006.

Filmography Search 

Film Topics and Aspects (selected)


Filmography of social issues: a reference guide. 

Frame by frame: a Black filmography. 

Frame by frame II: a filmography of the African American image, 1978-1994. 

Frame by frame III: a filmography of the African diasporan image, 1994-2004. 

A Guide to Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Latino Made Film and Video.

Images of American Indians on Film: An Annotated Bibliography

Motion Picture Directors: A Bibliography of Magazine and Periodical Articles, 1900-1972

Projecting ethnicity and race: an annotated bibliography of studies on imagery in American film.

Reel women: an international directory of contemporary feature films about women. 

Science fiction, fantasy, and horror film sequels, series, and remakes : an illustrated filmography, with plot synopses and critical commentary. 

Places and Periods (selected)


American film-index 1908-1915: motion pictures, July 1908-December 1915. 

American film-index 1916-1920: motion pictures, January 1916-December 1920. 

An annotated bibliography for Chinese film studies. 

Australian film: a bibliography. 

Bibliography of national filmographies. 

The Hong Kong Filmography, 1977-1997. 

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