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Resources on Women at Yale : Women as Yale Supporters

Contains annotated references to archival resources on women students, faculty, and other members of the Yale community.

RU151: Treasurer, Yale University, Records

Collection contains information related to various gifts and bequests to Yale University. Of particular note are records related to donor Irene Battell Larned, of the prominent Battell family (namesake of Battell Chapel).

Relevant boxes include:

-RU151, Series IV, Box 403, folder 584 (1861, 1877)

RU1065: Yale Dames Records (1942-1972)

Yale Dames was an organization for women affiliated with Yale University, mainly the wives of faculty and administrators, as well as (after World War II) wives of undergraduate students. The Dames organized a publication, Dames' Data, organized charitable work, and planned social events, including an annual formal dinner at which prominent guests were invited to speak. After years of declining membership, the group changed its name to Women Affiliated with Yale in 1977, and opened membership to all women associated with Yale with the exception of undergraduate students.

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RU23: Office of the President, Charles Seymour, Records

Folder contains records from the Office of the President during the tenure of Charles Seymour. Of special note are some materials related to the Newcomers' Club, a social organization for wives of male Yale faculty, researchers, and graduate students. 

Relevant boxes include:

-RU23, Accn. 58-A-003, Box 118, folder 1005 (1947-1948)

MSS255: Alfred Whitney Griswold Personal Papers

Box contains personal papers of Alfred Whitney Griswold, President of Yale University (1951-1963). Of special note are drafts of an autobiography by his wife, Mary Griswold, which include reflections on her life as a member of the Yale community before becoming a Connecticut state legislator. 

Relevant boxes include:

-MS255, Accn. 1996-M-105, Box 1, folders 1-3 (1990)

RU73: Women Affiliated with Yale Records (1956-1989)

Formed in 1977, Women Affiliated with Yale was an organization for all women associated with Yale (with the exception of undergraduate students), including the wives of Yale faculty and administrators. This collection contains material associated with the group, including from the period when it was still known as the Yale Dames.

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RU285: Yale University School of Medicine, Records of the Dean

This collection contains material from the Office of the Dean of the Yale School of Medicine. Of special interest is a small collection of materials related to a short-lived organization, the Faculty Women’s Guild. As described in its annual report for 1938-1939, the Guild was “an organization of the women of Yale University and their friends in the city of New Haven to assist social service agencies in the community." The Guild, as described in this report, had 157 active members, assisted nine agencies (including the New Haven Hospital, W.PA. Hurricane Relief organization, American Red Cross, and Children’s Center of New Haven Asylum), and conducted activities such as sewing blankets and clothing, making scrapbooks, packing supplies for the Visiting Nurse Association, and assembling surgical dressings. 

Relevant boxes include:

-RU 285, Accn. 1961-A-002, Box 51, folder 832 (1938-1943)

RU24: James Rowland Angell Presidential Records,

Collection contains papers of James Rowland Angell during his tenure as President of Yale University (1921-1937). Of special note is a folder with correspondence from the early 1930s about the proposed "Faculty Women's Guild," a club for Yale University women.

Relevant boxes include:

-RU 24, Series I, Box 77, folder 787 (1921-1937)

MSS906: Battell Family Papers

Collection contains the personal papers of members of the prominent Battell family of philanthropists. Especially noteworthy are the letters and diaries of Sarah (Robbins) Battell, Irene Battel Larned and Urania Battel Humphrey, who were early women benefactors to Yale University, especially in support of music education.

Relevant boxes include:

-MS906, Box 1, folders 1-13 (1838-1848)

-MS906, Box 3, folder 26 (1837-1849)

RU1064: Yale University Medical Wives Association Records (1962-1966)

Collection contains materials related to the short-lived organization, the Yale University Medical Wives Association.

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RU846: Yale Law School, Records of the Dean

Boxes contain materials related to Yale University Law School, from the Office of the Dean. Especially relevant to the history of women at Yale is a brief collection of information about the Yale Law Wives, a social club for the wives of male Yale School of Law students.

Relevant boxes include:

-RU 846, Accn. 2001-A-040, Box 43, unnumbered folder ("Yale Law Wives") (1970)

Ms Coll 31: Helen Forbes Collection on Medical Wives (1947-1969)

This collection documents some of Helen Forbes's activities as a medical faculty wife in the mid-twentieth century. Papers include lists of which faculty wives were responsible for daily student teas; account books and statistics on attendance at teas; newspaper clippings and other information on the annual Aesculapian Frolics; bylaws and a small amount of information and newspaper clippings on the activities of the Medical Dames/Wives; lists of married students; and a reception for the retirement of Medical Dean Vernon Lippard in 1967 that Mrs. Forbes helped to organize.

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More resources on women in the history of the Yale University School of Medicine can be found through the Medical Historical Library