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Resources on Women at Yale : Undergraduate Women

Contains annotated references to archival resources on women students, faculty, and other members of the Yale community.

RU126: Yale College Records of the Dean

Collection contains various records from the Office of the Dean of Yale College. Of special relevance are folders related to the search for a director for the Office on the Education of Women at Yale, and folders related to the establishment of a Women's Studies program in Yale College.

Relevant boxes include:

-RU126, Accn. 1985-A-014, Box 21, folders 401 and 402 (1965-1980)

-RU126, Accn. 1985-A-014, Box 22, folders 406 and 407 (1965-1980)

-RU126, Accn. 1985-A-014, Box 40, folders 206 and 207 (1965-1980)

-RU126, Accn. 1985-A-014, Box 41, folders 208-211 (1965-1980)


RU95: Undergraduate Affairs, Yale College, Records of the Dean

Collection contains records from the Office of the Dean, mainly related to undergraduate student organizations and policies. Of particular interest are folders related to administrative matters (mainly financial) for women-centric undergraduate organizations, including the Yale Undergraduate Women's Caucus, Yalesbians, Council of Third World Women, Association of Yale Women Athletes, and Aurora magazine.

Relevant boxes include:

-RU95, Accn. 1989-A-029, Box 2, folders 46, 53, 81, and 156 (1974-1983)

-RU95, Accn. 1990-A-157, Box 4, folders 213, 226, 240, 273, 293-295, 298, 312, 328 (1986-1987)

-RU 95, Accn. 1990-A-016, Box 3, folders 240-242, 249-250 (1981-1986)

-RU95, Accn. 1984-A-031, Box 14, folders 220-222 (1971-1978)

-RU 95, Accn. 1990-A-016, Box 1, folders 15-16 (1982-1986)

Amy Solomon, first woman to register at Yale College, 1969 (Local record 44543)

RU821: Office on the Education of Women (1968-1995)

The records of Office on the Education of Women (previously known as the Coeducation Office) document all aspects of Yale University's transition to undergraduate coeducation, as well as the status of women at Yale and women in academe.

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