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Missions and World Christianity: Tips for
Searching Orbis

Missions and World Christianity: relevant Library of Congress subject headings

Subject headings related to missions and world Christianity are many and varied. The most basic forms are:

  • Missions--[name of country]
  • [name of country]--Church history

In the interests of simplicity and standardization, a set of approximately fifty subject headings is drawn upon for base level cataloging of missions material in Orbis. These are the most commonly used subject headings in Orbis:

For sending agencies, the impact of Western missions:

  • Missions--[name of country]
  • Missions--Agricultural work
  • Missions--Educational work
  • Missions--Industrial work
  • Missions--Linguistic work
  • Missions--Theory
  • Missions, Medical--[name of country]
  • Missions to the blind
  • Missions to Jews
  • Missions to lepers
  • [a people group]--Missions to
  • Missionaries, Medical
  • Missionaries--[name of country]--biography
  • Missionaries--Training of
  • Women missionaries

Integrating Christianity into non-Western context:

  • Christianity and culture--[name of country]
  • Church and social problems--[name of country]
  • Church work with the poor--[name of country]

Indigenous church bodies, actions, groups, etc:

  • [name of country]--Church history
  • Christianity--[name of country]
  • Christian sects--[name of country]
  • Catholic Church--[name of country]
  • [denomination]--[name of country]
  • Pentecostal churches--[name of country]
  • Christian education--[name of country]
  • Christian literature, [language]
  • Christian literature--Publication and distribution--[name of country]
  • Evangelistic work--[name of country]
  • Theology, doctrinal--[name of country]