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Instructions and guidelines for requesting housings from Collections Conservation and Housings


This Libguide provides information about requesting housings from Collections Conservation and Housings (CCH).  Described here are the procedures, software and tools needed for creating requests for housings made using the Kasemake box making system.  Also included are other housing options, such as Mylboards and off the shelf products, as well as descriptions illustrating projects done within the unit and information about the materials used.

Getting Started

Important: If you are new to requesting housings, please consult with your supervisor beforehand, then contact Werner Haun, Assistant Head for Preventive Conservation, to set up an initial meeting.

CCH team will:

  • review collection items you are interested in housing to determine the most appropriate solution.
  • set you up with a modified measuring box and measuring tape if your library doesn’t already have the tools in place.
  • advise you on installation of the required Book Measure and Scalex software onto your PC, which may require assistance from LIT.
  • provide training on measuring items and use of the software.


CCH creates custom housings for all YUL collections. Housings are used to aid in protecting collection items from environmental damage, such as fluctuations in temperature and humidity, as well as pollutants, light exposure, and disasters. They also help mitigate physical damage during shelving, transport, or use.

Housings are used for many types of collections items:

  • Books, documents, maps, photographs.
  • Objects, such as globes, textiles, sculptures, toys.
  • Brittle, untreatable items to be retained.
  • Components that prevent commercial library binding, such as spiral bindings, or thick or plastic covers.
  • Substantial accompanying material too large for a pocket.
  • Unusually shaped items that make shelving difficult or may that may pose a risk to other collections materials.
  • Items comprised of multiple pieces that need to be housed together.

We are able to create a variety of different housings including, but not limited to:

We are also available to review collections and recommend housing solutions. This may include standard housing options available from  vendors.

CCH Team Contacts

Werner Haun
Werner Haun
Assistant Head, Preventive Conservation

Dong Dong
Preventive Conservation Technician
Meagan Timmins
Conservation Housing Technician

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