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New Testament Studies: Exegesis

Resources available at Yale Divinity Library for New Testament studies.


This subsection offers resources for various exegetical approaches to New Testament studies. Use the drop-down menu for information on select hermeneutic approaches. 

Exegesis Guides from Notable New Testament Scholars

New Testament Exegesis: Getting Started

"New" approaches to exegesis emerge constantly, while old ones are revamped. 

The titles or names of exegetical methods convey minimal information. Evaluate exegetical methods by these criteria:

  • Subject: who typically employs this exegetical method? 
    • Scholar with five ancient languages? Pastor? Student? 
  • Object: what does the exegesis study? 
    • Language? Theology? Social history? 
  • Goals: what does the method's final project (the exegesis) hope to do? 
    • Win an academic argument? Enrich a sermon? 
  • Audience: for whom is the exegesis produced? 
    • Late-career professors? Kindergartners? 

To start out, consult an overview of exegetical methods like the following: