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New Testament Studies: Ancient Language Resources

Resources available at Yale Divinity Library for New Testament studies.

Greek Lexicons

Lexicon entries provide linguistic information (principal parts of a verb, contextual usages, etc.). Lexicons also provide textual evidence for various meanings of a word.

For casual use, dictionaries provide quick and general translations. 

Greek Reference Grammars

After learning the basics of Greek grammar, reference grammars ease the process of reading new Greek texts. Consult a reference grammar whenever particular questions of syntax or stylistics arise.

Reference grammars also come in shorter, less exhaustive, forms. These help “brush up” or review concepts quickly.

Greek New Testament Editions

Greek Learning Grammars

Learning grammars teach the basics of Greek grammar, vocabulary, and paradigms. The grammar chosen for Elem NT Greek (REL 3605-3606) varies from year to year. Try the following for self-study.

The Syriac New Testament

The Latin New Testament

The Coptic New Testament