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New Testament Studies: Home

Resources available at Yale Divinity Library for New Testament studies.


Welcome to the New Testament Studies Guide. You will find: 

  • Recommended New Testament editions and translations.
  • Reference materials like commentaries, journals, and electronic resources. 
  • Exegesis methods and approaches.
  • Ancient language and historical information. 

With this guide you can:

  • Conduct research for a class.
  • Improve your exegesis paper.
  • Prepare for a sermon. 

New Testament Introductions

Key Resources at a Glance

New Testament Book by Library of Congress Call Number

A unique call number identifies each book of the New Testament. To browse library bookshelves to survey available books pertinent to your book of interest, find the relevant call number.

Ask the front circulation desk for the location of a call number. Also check the Towbridge Reference Room or Pope Reading Room for materials.

General New Testament: BS 2333

Gospels and Acts: BS 2548

Gospels: BS 2549

Matthew: BS 2570

Mark: BS 2580

Luke & Acts: BS 2589

Luke: 2590

John: BS 2610

Acts: BS 2626

General Epistles: BS 2630

Pauline Epistles: BS 2640

Romans: BS 2660

Corinthians: BS 2670

Galatians: BS 2680

Ephesians: BS 2690

Philippians: BS 2700

Colossians: BS 2710

Thessalonians: BS 2720

Pastoral Epistles: BS 2730

Timothy: BS 2740

Titus: BS 2750

Philemon: BS 2760

Hebrews: BS 2770

Catholic Epistles: BS 2777

James: BS 2780

Peter: BS 2790

John: BS 2800

Jude: BS 2810

Revelation: BS 2820

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