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Research Guides: Guidelines for Creating/Revising Guides: Accessibility

Tips, suggestions, templates and best practices for creating libguides

What is Accessibility?

Web accessibility is the practice of ensuring a website can be accessed by all people, regardless of disability, and that barriers of accessing the web are removed. 

Best Practices for Libguides

Download a free browser plug-in to check how your Libguide holds up to accessibility standards. 

Add Alternative Text: Alt text is descriptive language used for images on web pages. This is particularly helpful for individuals accessing the site with screen readers. 

Create Color Contrast: sufficient contrast between the foreground text and the background is extremely important for both low vision, colorblind users, users with cataracts, and senior users.

Descriptive and Readable Friendly URLs

  • Avoid "Click here" phrases
  • Create descriptive URLs so they are readable on their own 

Springshare Accessibility for Libguides