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Research Guides: Guidelines for Creating/Revising Guides: Reuse Links

Tips, suggestions, templates and best practices for creating libguides

Reuse links or assets

Checking to See if a Link Already Exists:  At some point you'll have created so many links you won't remember all of them, and of course you don't know what links another Yale librarian has used.  So use the search box on every guide and limit the search to this site, and it will search all the guides on the site.

To add a Link, first click the Reuse Existing Link tab and search to check to see if there is already a link asset that points to URL you want to add to your guide. You may have to search for the title of the resource. Always look to reuse a link asset first!  Choose Link from the Add/Reorder dropdown. 



When creating a new link, you need to fill out the fields for the asset, including:

  • Link Name: This is the title your users will see.
  • Link URL: The URL of your link. For databases, this will be the handle from Quicksearch
  •  (Will work only if your Admin has set the proxy prefix in the System Settings.)
  • Description: Additional details about the link.
  • More Info: This is a good option for links that have descriptions with more than a couple of sentences.  More information about the link is accessible via a link in the description.
  • Description Display: Set how the description is displayed for the link.
  • Position: Where it should go in the box.