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Research Guides: Guidelines for Creating/Revising Guides: LibCal Appointments

Tips, suggestions, templates and best practices for creating libguides

About Appointments

Appointments is a component of LibCal that allows you to post your consultation availability times online where patrons can schedule appointments with you during your available times. These appointment links can show up in your LibGuides Profile box.

One of the features of LibCal Appointments is that it integrates with Microsoft Outlook.  This means that your online schedule will take Outlook meetings into account when displaying your available times.  It also means that meetings booked through LibCal will appear in your Outlook calendar.

LibCal is a sister program to LibGuides. LibGuides authors do not automatically receive LibCal accounts. To request a LibCal account, please contact a LibCal Administrator (Steven Wieda, or Jenn Nolte).  

Appointments is not enabled for each LibCal user by default.  To enable Appointments, ask a LibCal administrator (Steven Wieda, or Jenn Nolte) to enable Appointments for you.

The Resaerch Guides Advisory Group does not support LibCal; we recommend you attend LibCal training.

Set Up Appointments

See SpringShare's page on setting up LibCal.

Get Help with LibCal