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Research Guides: Guidelines for Creating/Revising Guides: Page Layout

Tips, suggestions, templates and best practices for creating libguides

One Library - Using the Yale Library Layout for your Subject Guide

The landing page or home page should include the following required elements:

  • A profile box with contact information
    • Title, Photo, Name, Phone, Email
  • A Welcome box
    • Provide readers with an overview of the content in this guide so they know what to expect to find
    • 1-5 actions a patron can take when they visit a guide
  • Guide purpose filed is always filled in:

The landing page or home page can include the following optional elements:

  • Selected links/ Top Resources
    • Links to subject database, links to search interfaces, and other resources
      (digital or physical)
    • Limit to 5 links
  • Media
    • Image, video, or other media content.
  • Fifth box for flexible content
    • Suggested content:
      • Related guides
      • Information about your physical location
      • Links to related topics, tools, or services
      • LibCal calendar with classes
      • A social media feed
      • An RSS feed (limit to 5 items in feed at a time)

Other recommendations:

  • Search boxes or widgets for any system should be moved off the guide’s home page
  • Always test guide in mobile view

One Library - Yale Libguide Templates for Subject Guides