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Research Guides: Guidelines for Creating/Revising Guides: Link Checker

Tips, suggestions, templates and best practices for creating libguides

Using the Link Checker

The Link Checker is automatically on, and it's a great (and easy) way to see if your guides contain any broken links. Each week, the link checker checks the validity of links in: LinksBook Assets, and Database.

To see the Link Checker report, click on ToolsLink Checker in the orange bar at top. You can filter the report by Owner to see the list just for your guides. 

Please note that there may be some false returns in your list of broken links. The Link Checker relies on the response from any given server at the moment when it's "pinged" for validity. There are a few possibilities as to why something might be listed as an invalid link, even though it is valid:

  • At the time when libguides server pinged that URL, it was indeed unavailable. (Server was down at the time, or was too busy serving other requests, so the request was timed out.)
  • That company/organization could have set up their server to refuse connections to any spiders, crawlers, etc. in order to save on bandwidth/resources.
  • That company/organization incorrectly set up their server response codes, meaning that the code returned was not an accurate one.

Please also note that the link checker cannot check links in the "Rich Text/HTML" area for any box type.