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LibGuides 2 Implementation Group: Kick-off meeting

Documentation, meeting minutes, and other information from the LibGuides 2 Implementation Group


  • 10 min. Group introduction
  • 15 min. LibGuides 2 Project Plan
  • 15 min. Questions-and-answers
  • 15 min. Introduction to LibGuides 2 author interface



  • Try to push the delivery date earlier to August 1.

To Dos

  • Get group access to LibGuides 2
  • Find out what the Table of Contents box is
  • Get group access to Wrike Timeline
  • Share the report of what won't convert
  • Find out if there's a way to send email to all LibGuide authors
  • Collect documentation from SpringShare on new features, tutorials, etc.
  • Put together list of instsitutions already on LibGuides 2


  • There were already a couple attempts to develop styleguides for LibGuides.  Start with those (they made a template) then build in some 2.0 specifics.
  • Some universities have created boxes that people can import and customize as they like.  The previous groups did this with the "Research Tools" box.  The number of boxes that can be used is overwhelming and figuring out which box to use is difficult.  This could cut down on the time it takes to build a guide.  We could put together a "find books" box, a citation management box, etc.
  • What will happen to unpublished guides?  They could be things people have collected but don't want to publish.
  • How should we communicate within the group and share documents?  We could use a LibGuide itself.  We could use Basecamp (some people get tripped up in sharing and editing documents).  We could do ClassesV2.  We don't really have sensitive information.  We could go with Google Docs.
  • What are LibGuide authors willing to accept vis a vis styleguides and guidelines for LibGuides?
  • An improvement would be links to resources that are Yale only having a different icon than the "lock" that's currently used.
  • The August-September delivery date is a rough time.  Can we push the launch back to the beginning of August?  August 1 would be a good time to launch.