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LibGuides 2 Implementation Group: 3/18/2015

Documentation, meeting minutes, and other information from the LibGuides 2 Implementation Group




  • We do not need to send a special communication to LibGuide authors with old guides
  • We should delete LibGuide authors who no longer work at Yale and have zero LibGuides
  • We should go with "Course guides" instead of "Class guides"
  • Course guides should include the professor's name in the Short Description.
  • Course guides should use the official course code from the OCI.
  • For courses with cross-listings, put up to two course codes in the title.  If there are more than two cross-listings, the course name should be the title of the guide and the course codes should go in the Short Description.
  • We should recommend that everyone use the Short Description field
  • We should put a link to the Chicago Manual of Style in the LibGuides styleguide
  • We should include a link to SpringShare's LibGuides support page in our LibGuide

To do:

  • Steve will ask SpringShare what happens to guides that have been visually customized via "Guide Look and Feel"
  • Steve will investigate whether it's possible to make the default link behavior open a new window
  • Steve will alter the documentation as indicated in Decisions above
  • The implementation group will review the Instructions for LibGuide authors and make alterations as they see fit


What do we do with guides that belong to people who have left the Library?  Lidia had a lot of unpublished guides and they haven't been reassigned to Mike.  He might not know about them.  We would rather have people look at them now and determine if they should migrate or not.

Can we remove guides that haven't been updated in more than 2 years and are unpublished?  Probably not as they might be "templates" for people.  Should we email people and ask them to be aware of and try to go through guides that belonged to their predecessor and determine if they want them to move forward?  Should we reassign guides of authors who have left the Library to their department head and leave it up to them to determine what should happen with them?

We should point out to Medical when we do the road show that they have some medical faculty that have created guides.  We should also bring up that "Library Liaisons" is theirs and find out what they want to do with it.

Should we start deleting accounts of people who have left and have no guides?  Yes, we should.

For the road show, we need a script.