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LibGuides 2 Implementation Group: 3/5/2015

Documentation, meeting minutes, and other information from the LibGuides 2 Implementation Group




  • CRSC should be asked to circulate the Best Practices and Styleguide documents for comments to its constituent groups
  • CRSC should be informed, not consulted, on:
    • Data sign-offs
    • Upgrade date 
  • The LibGuides 2 road show should be scheduled during department meetings
  • Add a note about a recognizable photo being used in contact boxes to Best Practices
  • Remove the "Use Hover Over" for link descriptions section from Best Practices
  • A timeline should be included in the communication to all LibGuide authors

To Do:

  • Steve will send an update to Emily to bring to CRSC
  • Steve will update the documentation as described above
  • Steve will contact departments and start setting up LibGuides 2 meetings
  • Steve will put together the communications plan based on the RACI diagram
  • Steve will ask SpringShare about converting a few guides to see what kind of cleanup needs to be done
  • Group members will find out when their next department meetings are
  • Group members will speak to colleagues about their LibGuides 2 rollout experiences


Should we consult with CRSC on data sign-offs and rollout dates?  No, we should inform them.  If they have problems with any of them they can let us know and we can involve them as needed.  Should we consult with them on the Best Practices and Styleguides?  Yes, we can have them circulate the documents and get feedback.

Can we talk to SpringShare about doing a test of migrating a few guides so we can see what cleanup looks like?  SpringShare has been very vocal about only migrating data once.  We will contact them and see what we can do.  Otherwise we can copy a few guides over by hand.

How have the SpringShare community reacted to LibGuides 2 transitions?  Have people from the Implementation Group talk to colleagues who have gone through the transition.

Should we talk about deprecated boxes during the first email communication to all LibGuide authors?  No it's probably too much information for now.  We can give them more information as we go through the process including information on deprecated boxes.

The LibGuides Road Show:  We should schedule them during department meetings.  Identify all the stops on the road show and find out when their department meetings are.  Divinity, Law, Beinecke, MSSA, Acccess Services and Maps may be stragglers that don't necessarily belong to a department.  Schedule department meetings and also schedule some general open sessions.  Group members can find out when their next department meeting will be.

Best Practice document:  We should outline the purpose of the document.  Should we be more vocal about the gallery boxes?  They're really a bad idea.  "Should be used sparingly" is in current language.  Should it be "Think twice about using this"?  Should people consult with us before using that type of box?  Maybe attach an example of why it's not such a great idea.  Profile box:  Should we say that a professional photo should be included?  It's already sort of in policy so it might be good to reiterate it.  Maybe in the styleguide?  It's best practice to have a recognizable photo of yourself so that you can be identified.

Do we need to put together tutorials or are SpringShare's tutorials good enough?  We should put a link to the SpringShare tutorials in the Best Practice Guide.

The hover-over for link descriptions:  Take it out.  It's up to the individual since there are good reasons to make them in-line and good reasons to make them hover-overs.