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LibGuides 2 Implementation Group: 2/20/2015

Documentation, meeting minutes, and other information from the LibGuides 2 Implementation Group


  • 10 min. Review kick-off meeting to dos
  • 5 min. Using Wrike for timeline and to dos
  • 5 min. Using LibGuide for documentation
  • 35 min. LibGuide Best Practices



  • Best practices:
    • Cite the same issues with Gallery Boxes as in the SpringShare documentation, e.g. motor skills, reading skills, etc.
    • Provide alternatives for showing images.
    • Provide the suggestion of hover links.
    • Push Friendly URLs into the styleguide, not best practices
  • Recommend a LibGuide design workshop to be held twice a year
  • Talk about creating pre-fab boxes next meeting

To Do

  • Upload report of what won't work to LibGuides 2 guide


  • The Gallery Box:  Should we restrict its usage?  No, just provide caveats and reasons why it might not be a good idea to use it.  Cite the reasons listed in the SpringShare documentation.  Provide alternatives for showing images.
  • Hover links:  Push it out as a best practice but don't tell people they have to do it.  Also mention how long a list can be and when to consider breaking it into different boxes or box tabs.
  • Push the Friendly URLs discussion into the styleguide.  Keep the best practice guide short.  The styleguide can be longer.
  • We should have a design workshop for LibGuides a few times a year.  Have an open door session where people can come in and bring questions about their guides.  Present best practices.
  • We should talk about boxes that we'd like to make available to LibGuide authors.  Someone needs to keep these boxes up-to-date.  Some boxes that might be useful:
    • How to find a book
    • Managing citations
    • Events:  Citation workshops
    • Chicago manual of style/MLA links
    • VPN/accessing resources from off-campus
    • Get it @ Yale
    • Ask a Librarian
    • Video support for screencast snippets (what size to use)
    • NIH public access for Medical
    • Research Impact for Medical and Marx Library
    • Creating widgets