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LibGuides 2 Implementation Group: 4/29/2015

Documentation, meeting minutes, and other information from the LibGuides 2 Implementation Group


  • 10 min:  Update on LibGuides 2 implementation project
  • 20 min:  Look-and-feel
  • 20 min:  Training



  • After performing the modifications listed below, consider the look and feel done

Look and feel:

  • Make the title darker
  • Tabs in tabbed boxes don't stand out enough
    • Make them bold
  • "Email Me" in contact box:  Make it white text with Yale blue background


  • Early June, first couple of weeks
  • Schedule another in July
  • Be sure to cover
    • Database and link assets
      • When to go with Database links vs. regular links
    • Use a lot of examples of different ways to do things
    • Have some time for them to edit their guides and ask questions
    • Tabbed boxes
    • Tab pull-downs
  • Schedule training in
    • Sterling/Bass
    • Marx Library
    • Arts
    • Medical
    • Divinity