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LibGuides 2 Implementation Group: 6/10/2015

Documentation, meeting minutes, and other information from the LibGuides 2 Implementation Group



  • We should reduce whitespace to the left of bullets
  • Are there LibGuides out there that are good models for people building LibGuides?  Guides that are well-authored, well-structured, etc?
    • Each discipline is different
    • We can put together a list of good examples with an explanation of why they're good
  • There's an issue with the responsive grid when viewed via iPad

Home page:

  • Make the subjects two columns
  • Include current tabs
  • Consider a list of most frequently visited LibGuides
  • Change "Class Guide" group to "Course Guide" group


  • Template might not be worth it:  Current default new LibGuide provides three columns plus contact box; the only thing a template would add is the "General Research Tools" box
  • Should we put together a sample guide?
    • A sample course guide and a sample subject guide
  • Previous template is available but there is no Table of Contents box
  • In lieu of a template:  Make General Research Tools available as a box to include; give instructions on how to insert it
  • Put together a sample LibGuide with things you might include
    • Point to examples of good LibGuides

If we update the General Research Tools box, we need to let people know in case they didn't properly insert the box in their guide