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LibGuides 2 Implementation Group: 7/8/2015

Documentation, meeting minutes, and other information from the LibGuides 2 Implementation Group


  • 20 min: LibGuides 2 home page
  • 10 min: General Research Tools box
  • 10 min: Known issues list
  • 10 min: Remaining Tasks



  • Remove the "Alphabetical" / "Most popular" pull-down from the home page
  • Insert some explanatory text as to what the guides are and what they're for into the home page
  • Ask Emily what to call "Using Sources"
  • Rename General Research Tools' "Citation Management" to "Citation Tools", make change in LibGuide as well
  • Get all databases to open in a new tab/window


Home page

  • Can we override the home page and insert the guide list as a widget?
    • No, the guide list isn't a widget.
  • Pull-down for "Alphabetical" / "Most popular":  Get rid of it
  • Some explanatory text about what the guides are and what they're for?
    • "Find research guides created by Yale University Library Staff.  Browse through the categories below."  -- from Cornell University
  • Keep Databases A-Z

General Research Tools

  • "Using Sources" -- call it Citing and Using Sources?
    • Emily wants it for undergraduates
    • Contact Emily and find out what she'd like to call it from an undergraduate perspective
  • "Citation Management" guide is called "Citation Tools" in the YUL header "Services" pull-down main menu
    • Should the name of the guide and the General Research Tools box link change?
    • Yes.

Known issues

  • Would prefer that Databases open in a new tab