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Kayleigh Bohemier

Kayleigh Bohemier
Kayleigh Bohemier
Center for Science & Social Science Information (CSSSI)
Office C41
219 Prospect Street
Concourse Level
Kline Biology Tower
Drop-In Hours (31 August – 15 December 2016):
Tuesdays: 10-11 AM, Astronomy Lounge, 52 Hillhouse
Fridays: 3:30-4:30 PM, KGL 102
If none of these time works for you, please click "Schedule Appointment" below my photo so we can meet one-on-one.

Update August 2016: Physics drop-in hours are pending the opening of the Wright Lab, and I need to discuss with the department when and where drop-in hours for all of you will be most effective.

How can I help you?
Many people don't know what library liaisons do, and it's okay to be uncertain! This list is by no means comprehensive, but here's what I can do as your research support librarian:
  • Advise you on constructing literature/article queries
  • Discuss how to extract and use research impact metrics (e.g., the h-index, locating publication and citation statistics for fields and subfields, finding Yale-affiliated papers in databases in a specific research area, discussing bibliometric network visualization and data cleaning—bibliometrics is in many ways a subfield of Library & Information Science!) 
  • Work with students, faculty, and staff on using Mendeley and/or BibTeX with Yale Library resources
  • Show you how to use Yale University Library services and resources
  • Help you locate subject-specific data and statistics
  • Consult on data and other information topics (although, as I am a member of the Research Data Consultation group, please use the RDCG contact form if your question is related to your two-page data management plan or information organization standards for your research).

Important: If you are on the open Internet and get paywalled, you may be able to get access to what you're looking for through the library!

My Guides

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