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Japan Studies: Books / Dissertations

Major electronic resource platform

Finding books

Quicksearch is the primary database to find books, journals, maps, DVDs, and specific databases.    

If you want to conduct more effective search, please go to  Book+ advance search of Quicksearch. Using subject headings will enhance your search strategies in Quicksearch to narrow your search:

  • pictorial works
  • bibliography
  • statistics
  • personal narratives
  • correspondence

For example, conduct keyword searches entering words like “Atomic bomb" and "personal narratives" as subject heading.  You will find many entries which you can further limit to those in a specific language, media (audio, visual, etc), or format  (DVDs, microfilms, etc). 

For help with specific subject headings, see Reiko Yoshimura's website, which provides a list of common periodizations and subject headings in the LC classification system. Be sure to check which other subject headings your documents fall under since many resources are catalogued under several sets of subject headings. You can thus build up a set of useful search terms to find other related resources.

There are many other bibliographies and databases for you to find appropriate books below are some examples.


WorldCat is “union catalog" representing the holdings of many libraries in the US and some abroad.  By conducting effective search, this database can be powerful tool to identify not only books, but also other sources like journals, videos, archival and audio materials. 

Major ebook sets

Search table of contents within books

There are many useful databaes that search book contents.  For instance, Kinokuniya BookWeb lets you search table contents of books published in recent years (1992 -).   You may also search in Japanese by using the search box for  内容キーワード.