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Japan Studies: Statistics

Guides to Japanese statistics

Online Statistics

Comprehensive statistics

Nihon tōkei nenkan = Japan statistical yearbook
Exhaustive and systematic statistical resource in English and Japanese. Contains around 750 types of statistical data in 27 categories and 50 charts and graphs. Each chapter provides both the original source for the statistics and the methodology of the surveys. Can download Excel and PDF versions. Library has the paper version from 1945 to the present.

Hosokawa Data Tribune

National Institute of Population and Social Security Research

Historical statistics

Historical Statistics of Japan
Time-series data collected and organized from a wide scope of statistics that cover fields such as land, population, economy, society and culture. All are compiled systematically into this database, which ranges from 1868 to date and contains 879 statistical tables in 31 fields.

International historical statistics

"The International Historical Statistics (IHS) series is a unique collection of statistics covering a wide range of socioeconomic topics. It is a collection of data sets taken from hundreds of disparate primary sources, including both official national and international abstracts - back to 1750. The new online edition provides updated statistics to 2010 - covering 260 years.... The online version follows the same format and running order as the original print editions, the three volumes are set as follows: Africa, Asia, Oceania; The Americas and finally Europe" User guide.

Major statistics in the Meiji and Taisho periods

Compiled by the Statistics Beau of Japan

International comparison

Japan: An International Comparison
An annual guide published by The Keizai Koho Center that provides comparative statistics on many topics with various tables and graphs.

Public Opinion and Survey

Public Opinion as reported by the Japanese Cabinet Office
Provides many public opinion surveys conducted by the Japanese Cabinet Office as CSV files.
Listed in its categories annually, surveys cover popular topics such as domestic life, society, and foreign relations and are organized by year. No English page is available.

Social Science Japan Data Archive (SSJDA)東京大学社会科学研究所 付属社会調査・データアーカイブ研究センター

SSJDA is a broad archive that comprises (digitized) micro-level data on Japanese society for scholarly analysis is organized and managed by the Center for Social Research and Data Archives, Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo. The compiled data includes a variety of social survey research as well as quantitative social statistics of the Japanese economy and infrastructure. (Examples of dataset title: “Survey on the Labor Markets of New Graduates”/”The National Life Insurance Survey.”) The datasets are provided only in Japanese.


Each dataset entry provides the abstract of the survey (both in Japanese and English), including depositor, summery, sample size, spatial unit, time period, data collection method of the survey. In order to access SSJDA data, the users are requested to send a blank CD-R and self-addressed and stamped envelope enclosed in their application packages.



Gender Statistic Database

Portal Sites for Statistics