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Japan Studies: ARCH 3240 Spatial Concepts of Japan

Examples of Subject Headings

terms for searching

           J-E / E-J dictionary 


Name of notable Japanese Architects 

安藤忠雄 = Andō, Tadao

芦原義信= Ashinara, Yoshinobu

遠藤 新 = Endō, Arata

藤森照信= Fujimori, Terunobu

藤本壮介= Fujimoto, Sou

原広司= Hara, Kōji

原浩司= Hara, Hiroshi

堀口 捨己 = Horiguchi, Sutemi

磯崎新= Isozaki, Arata

伊藤忠太= Itō, Chūta

伊東豊雄= Itō, Toyoo

出江寛 = Izue, Hiroshi/Kan

菊竹清訓 = Kikutake, Kiyonori

吉良森子= Kira, Moriko

隈研吾= Kuma, Kengo

久溜正道= Kuru, Masamichi

黒川紀章= Kurokawa, Kishō

槇文彦 = Maki, Fumihiko

前川國男= Maekawa, Kunio

村野藤吾 = Murano, Tōgo

野口勇 = イサム・ノグチ = Noguchi, Isamu

坂倉準三 = Sakakura, Junzō

佐野利器 = Sano, Toshiaki/Toshikata

重森三玲 = Shigemori, Mirei

篠原一男 = Shinohara, Kazuo

白井晟一 = Shirai, Seiichi

清家清 = Seike, Kiyoshi

妹島和世= Sejima, Kazuyo

高松伸 = Takamatsu, Shin    

武田五一= Takeda, Goichi

谷口吉郎= Taniguchi, Yoshirō

谷口吉生= Taniguchi, Yoshio

丹下健三= Tange, Kenzō

辰野金吾= Tatsuno, Kingo

土浦亀城= Tsuchiura, Kameki

塚本由晴= Tsukamoto, Yoshiharu

上田篤= Ueda, Atsushi

内田 祥三= Uchida, Shōzō/Yoshikazu

山田守= Yamada, Mamoru

横河民輔= Yokokawa, Tamisuke


データ番号 = Data No.

作品名称 = Work Name/Work Title

建物用途 = Building Applications

建物所在 = Building Location

掲載誌 = Publication/Posted on

掲載年月 = Publication Date

設計者 = Designer/Architect

施工者 = Builder/Construction

竣工年月 = Completion Date

着工年月 = Construction Date

構造 = Structure

地上階数 = (Above) ground Floor

地下階数 = Underground Floor

能力 = Capacity/Ability

敷地面積 = Site Area

建築面積 = Building Area

延床面積 = Total Floor Area

外装 = Exterior

特徴 = Feature

備考= Remark

useful sites

References (dictionaries & encyclopedia)

Journal article index & full text journals

Books and Dissertations
For books, see the "Examples of subject headings" box at upper right corner.







Guide at Columbia

Great introductory essay on Japanese philosophy by Prof. Federio Marcon at Columbia. Most sources are in Japanese, but some English sources are listed.



Union search for archives held in the world.

Art in General

Biographical dictionary of Japanese art / supervising editor, Yutaka Tazawa.

Under the categories of painting, prints, calligraphy, photography, graphic design, sculpture, tea ceremony, architecture, gardens, ceramics, swords, metalwork and textiles, over 800 Japanese art figures from Nara period to the end of 1970s are introduced.  This book may be useful finding someone who is not very famous in the field.  Although mainly Japanese books, the bibliographies of artists are listed at the end of book.


Ukiyo-e Search

"The database and image similarity analysis engine, created by John Resig to aide researchers in the study of Japanese woodblock prints, was launched in December 2012. The database currently contains over 213,000 prints from 24 institutions and, as of September 2013, has received 3.4 million page views from 150,000 people."


Metaborizumu no mirai toshi = Metabolism, the city of the future (メタボリズムの未来都市)

Popular cultures

The otaku encyclopedia : an insider's guide to the subculture of cool Japan

There is a newer work by Galbraith "Otaku Spaces" which should be available to the library soon.

Fandom unbound : otaku culture in a connected world

Mechademia. 2, Networks of desire

Some of useful chapters: Kotani Mari (2007) "Doll Beauties and Cosplay", Toku Masami (2007) "Shojo Manga! Girls' Comics! A Mirror of Girls' Dreams", Theresa M. Winge (2006) "Costuming the Imagination: Origins of Anime and Manga Cosplay"

Isaac Gagné (2008) "Urban Princesses: Performance and "Women's Language" in Japan's Gothic/Lolita Subculture:." Journal of Linguistic Anthropology 18(1): 130-150

Anthropological science journal of the Anthropological Society of Nippon 



Profile Photo
Haruko Nakamura
Sterling Memorial Library
120 High Street, New Haven, CT
Room 213A
Subjects: East Asian Studies

Research resources including science papers

Category 1 (architecture-theory/history, art, and literature, philosophy, and religion)

Category 2 (environmental science/engineering, architecture-planning) 

Category 3 (medical, neuroscience, cognitive science, environmental psychology) 

Category 4 (technology, sociology, etc.)